Invitation to Submit Book Proposals

Durham University IMEMS Press, a partnership between the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Durham University and Boydell & Brewer, is pleased to invite book proposals for the following series.

Catholicisms, c.1450–c.1800 focusses on various aspects of Catholicism as it grew to become a global movement and brings together work from a range of disciplines including history, theology, literary studies, music, art history, material and visual culture, political theory, and gender studies (editors: James E. Kelly, Ulrich L. Lehner, and Susannah Brietz Monta).

Ideas and Practices, 1300–1850 aims to publish works that explain, or question, the transformation in Western ways of thinking about politics, religion, society, and the natural world that occurred between the medieval and modern eras (editors: Robert G. Ingram, Jeffrey Collins, Raffaella Santi, Shannon Stimson, and Samuel Garrett Zeitlin).

Law, Peace, and Justice in Medieval and Early Modern Europe aims to promote work that helps us understand how law and justice were implicated in the ways in which people in the past imagined, implemented, and used ‘peace’, both within Europe and as Europeans moved out around the globe (editors: Krista Kesselring, Paolo Broggio, Tom Hamilton, Marie Houllemare, Elizabeth Papp Kamali, and Helle Vogt).

Science in Culture, c. 350 – c. 1750 focusses on the history and culture of science globally in the medieval and early modern worlds, aiming to promote a wider consideration of human engagement with, and understanding of, natural phenomena (editors: Giles Gasper, Sare Aricanli, Nader El-Bizri, Tom McLeish, Jenny Rampling, and Faith Wallis).

Translatio aims to investigate translation between languages in relation to other migrations and circulations – of peoples, objects, and practices; images, forms, and media – across the continents and islands of the medieval and early modern world (editors: Richard Scholar, Sven Dupré, Rebecca Gould, Sarah Knight, and Carla Nappi).

Prospective authors and editors are encouraged to send enquiries to and can find out more about the imprint at

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