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Glenn Clark English University of Manitoba
Claire Duncan English
Anne Graham English Memorial University of Newfoundland
Sarah Johnson English Royal Military College of Canada
Victoria Burke English University of Ottawa
Helen Ostovich English McMaster University
William Barker English Dalhousie University
Madeline Bassnett English University of Western Ontario
Don Beecher English Carleton University
Marie-Alice Belle English Université de Montréal
David Bellusci English Catholic Pacific College
Mawy Bouchard French Université d’Ottawa
William Bowen English University of Toronto Scarborough
Claire Carlin English University of Victoria
Hélène Cazes French University of Victoria
Derek Neal English Nipissing University
Jane Couchman English Glendon College, York University
J. Martinez De Bujanda French Université de sherbrooke
Patricia Demers English University of Alberta
Diane Desrosiers French Université McGill
Igor Djordjevic English York University
Paul Dyck English Canadian Mennonite University
Jim Ellis English University of Calgary
Louise Frappier French Université d’Ottawa
David Gay English University of Alberta
Kenneth Graham English University of Waterloo
Judith Rice Henderson English University of Saskatchewan
Judith Herz English Concordia University
Brenda M. Hosington English Université de Montréal
Ronald Huebert English Dalhousie University
Agnes Juhasz-Ormsby English Memorial University
Erin Kelly English University of Victoria
William Kemp English
Joseph Khoury English St. Francis Xavier University
Leah Knight English Brock University
Gary Kuchar English University of Victoria
Eva Kushner English University of Toronto
Claude La Charité English Université du Québec à Rimouski
John Lepage English Vancouver Island University
Marie H. Loughlin English University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus
Lynne Magnusson English University of Toronto
Mathew Martin English Brock University
John McClelland English Victoria College
Vin Nardizzi English University of British Columbia
John Nassichuk English University of Western Ontario
François Paré French University of Waterloo
Julian Patrick English University of Toronto
Lesley Peterson English University of North Alabama (retired)
Guy Poirier French University of Waterloo
Elizabeth Popham English Trent University
Olga Pugliese English University of Toronto
Antoine Raspa English Université Laval
Margaret Reeves English University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus
M. François Rouget English Queen’s University
Elizabeth Sauer English Brock University
Laura Schechter English University of Alberta
Alan Shepard English Concordia University
William W. E. Slights English University of Saskatchewan
Deanna Smid English Brandon University
Paul G. Stanwood English University of British Columbia
Steven Teasdale English
Luc Vaillancourt French Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Gary Waite English University of New Brunswick
Darlene Abreu-Ferreira English University of Winnipeg
Cathleen M. Bauschatz English University of Maine
Jean-Philippe Beaulieu French Université de Montréal
Lyn Bennett English Dalhousie University
Anton Bergstrom English Wilfrid Laurier University
Renée-Claude Breitenstein English Brock University
Brandon Christopher English University of Winnipeg
Marie-Ange Croft English Université du Québec à Rimouski
Jennifer Mara DeSilva English Ball State University
Brenda Dunn-Lardeau French Université du Québec à Montréal
Konrad Eisenbichler English University of Toronto
Laura Estill English St Francis Xavier University
Nancy Frelick English University of British Columbia
Marie-France Guénette English Université de Montréal
Kirsten Inglis English University of Calgary
Erin Julian English Western University
Mark Kaethler English Medicine Hat College
Ivan Kraljic French Université du Québec à Rimouski
Danièle Letocha French Université d’Ottawa
Janice Liedl English Laurentian University
Ian McAdam English University of Lethbridge
Ted McGee English St. Jerome’s University
Marianne Micros English University of Guelph
Margaret Owens English Nipissing University
Elizabeth Pentland English York University
Florian Preisig French Eastern Washington University
Vivek Ramakrishnan English HWDSB
Ron Spronk English Queen’s University
Jean-François Vallée French Collège de Maisonneuve
Christian Veilleux English McGill University
Rachel Warburton English Lakehead University
Robert Imes English University of Saskatchewan
Rhoda Cairns English Briercrest College
James Doelman English Brescia UC
Deseree Cipollone English McGill University
Olivia King English McMaster University
Angela Zhang English York University
Gabriele Aroni English Ryerson University
Benedetta Lamanna English University of Toronto
Jordana Lobo-Pires English University of Toronto
Yvonne Petry English University of Regina
Marie-Christine Cyr English McGill
Julie Prior English University of Toronto
Clara A.B. Joseph English University of Calgary
Scott Schofield English Western University
Joanne Granata English University of Toronto
David Goldstein English York
Aaron Miedema English York University
Nathan Szymanski English Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Jeanne Shami English University of Regina
Arazoo Ferozan English McMaster University
Nilab Ferozan English McMaster University
Rebecca Giselbrecht English University of Bern
Jane Yeang Chui Wong English Nanyang Technological University
Kyle Dase English University of Saskatchewan
Lauren Beck English Mount Allison University
Jade Nauss English Dalhousie University
Shaun Retallick English McGill University
Danila Sokolov English University of Saskatchewan
Gabrielle Hamelin French Université de Montréal
Jan Purnis English Campion College at the University of Regina
Christophe Baczyk French Université du Québec à Montréal
Kathleen Miller English University of Toronto
Sharon Vogel English Dalhousie University
Ken Jacobsen English Grenfell Campus, Memorial University
Jamie Paris English Corpus Christi College  St. Mark’s College
Troni Grande English University of Regina
Sophie Trahan French Collège de Saint-Jérôme
Matthew Rinkevich English University of Delaware
Elizabeth Crachiolo English UC-Davis
Tracy O’Brien English University of Toronto
Julien Chauffour French Université du Québe à Rimouski
Pierre-Emmanuel Roy French McGill University
Donald Beecher Beecher English Carleton University
Edith Benkov English San Diego State University
Paul Budra English Simon Fraser University
Gabrielle Samra English McGill University
Sean Oliver English
Patricia Badir English University of British Columbia
Kayley Marner English University of Waterloo
Richard Cunningham English Acadia University
Lisa Templin English Western University
Christine Arsenault French UQAR
linda steele English Carleton Univeristy
Marci Freedman English Northwestern University
Hugh F. Wilson English Grambling State University
Romuald Lakowski English Macewan University
Jane Grogan English University College Dublin
James Clawson English Grambling State University
Nico Mara-McKay English
Emma Usselman English University of Victoria
Anne REGENT-SUSINI French Université Sorbonne nouvelle – Paris 3
Eva Jarosova English Wirth Institute  Charles University
Leanna Bridge Rezvani French MIT
Karoline Pasciano English University of British Columbia
Jade Standing English UBC
Darren Provost English Trinity Western University
Kirsten Schuhmacher English University of Victoria
Wendy Wall English Northwestern University
Moira Duncan English Memorial University of Newfoundland