Call for submissions

Tudor and Stuart book series

Dr Joseph Khoury invites submissions to the Tudor and Stuart book series published by the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies. The series is designed to provide accessible conservatively modernized editions of English texts in various genres that are not readily available to students and teachers. It currently has four titles in it:

  1. TS1: James I, The True Law of Free Monarchies and Basilikon Doron, Daniel Fischlin and Mark Fortier. (This volume is now out of print)
  2. TS2: Anabel Patterson (ed.), The Trial of Nicholas Throckmorton
  3. TS3: Early Stuart Pastoral: “The Sherpherd’s Pipe” by William Browne and “The Shepherd’s Hunting” by George Wither, ed. James Doelman
  4. TS4: The Queen’s Majesty’s Passage and Related Documents, Germaine Warkentin

As the new Series Editor, Dr Khoury will work diligently to see your project through expeditiously so that it reaches students and is easily adoptable as an inexpensive primary-source text in university courses on the English Renaissance.

All submissions will be peer reviewed with a quick turnaround period.

You can send your proposal to:

Joseph Khoury, PhD
Editor, Tudor and Stuart Texts
Associate Professor
Departement of English
St-Francis Xavier University
P.O. Box 5000
Antigonish, Nova Scotia

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