Joint panels with ACCUTE #Congress2019

A word from  Jen Andrews
President of ACCUTE (Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English)

ACCUTE, this year, has extended its deadline for member-organized and joint panel proposals to September 1, 2018.  I am including the link to joint panels so that they can be shared with your members (, if you wouldn’t mind.  I’ve also cut-and-pasted the relevant info below.  Members of multiple associations often wish to create and organize joint panels—and we are DELIGHTED to partner with other associations on these panels!

I also wanted to note that there are always ways to schedule joint panels with associations using your association’s deadlines (which are likely later than ACCUTE’s).

If you have an idea that you want to pursue through a joint panel or other ways you think we could work together as organizations, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Gratefully, Jen Andrews


Un message de Jen Andrews,
Présidente d’ACCUTE (Association of Canadian
College and University Teachers of English)

ACCUTE, cette année, a prolongé sa date limite pour les propositions de groupes organisés par les membres jusqu’au 1er septembre 2018. J’inclus le lien vers des groupes de discussion conjoints afin de les partager avec vos membres (, à votre convenance. J’ai également collé les informations pertinentes ci-dessous. Les membres de plusieurs associations souhaitent souvent créer et organiser des séances conjointes – et nous sommes heureux de nous associer à d’autres associations pour ces séances!

Je tenais également à souligner qu’il existe toujours des moyens de planifier des séances conjointes avec des associations en respectant les délais de votre association (qui sont probablement postérieurs à ceux d’ACCUTE).

Si vous avez une idée que vous souhaitez poursuivre à travers une séance commune ou d’autres façons, ou si vous pensez que nous pourrions travailler ensemble en tant qu’organisations, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous!

Avec reconnaissance, Jen Andrews


Joint Panels

Jointly-organized panels (which often follow the conventional three- or four-paper format, but can take a variety of forms, including roundtables: see the list of possibilities under Member Organized Panels) are held at the ACCUTE conference but are co-sponsored by another association. They are usually initiated by an ACCUTE member who is also a member of the organization that jointly sponsors the panel (deadline the preceding September 1). They are intended to foster links between ACCUTE and other scholarly associations, whether those associations regularly attend Congress or not. Of special interest to ACCUTE are those organizations that address fields that have traditionally been under-represented at our conference, such as American, Medieval, and Eighteenth-Century Studies, but other areas are welcome as well. While ACCUTE welcomes panels that correspond with the annual Congress theme, any topic that reflects ACCUTE’s mandates or the interests of its members will be considered.

(Please note: if you wish to host an ACCUTE-sponsored panel at another Congress conference, you should not send in a proposal as below. You should ask the organizers of the other association if they allow jointly sponsored panels. If they do, follow any process they have for proposals; as an ACCUTE member, you may then request permission to have the panel listed as co-sponsored in the ACCUTE program. Such panels will not appear as CFPs for our conference, but can be advertised through the co-sponsoring association’s CFP, ACCUTE’s blog, and other CFP sites.)

Submitting a Joint Panel ProposalJoint panel proposals begin with a discussion between the proposer of the panel—usually in consultation with the president—and the president of ACCUTE, most often during the summer months.

If you would like to propose a jointly-sponsored panel, email ACCUTE with the following information indicated clearly:

•       Name of the co-sponsoring association

•       The proposed panel title

•       Your name, institution, and email address

•       The text of the CFP to a maximum of 200 words

•       Please also include ACCUTE submissions procedures in your CFP (i.e., “Please send the following: A file containing a 300 to 500-word paper proposal without personal identifying marks and the 2019 Proposal Info Sheet available on the ACCUTE website”)

If accepted, your CFP will be publicized to the ACCUTE membership in early or mid-September with a deadline for submissions of 15 November. This year, submissions will be sent to the ACCUTE office at, then distributed to the panel organizers. Note that you are responsible for ensuring that submissions to your panel conform to ACCUTE’s proposal guidelines, as stated in the final bullet point, above.

Organizer(s) of the jointly sponsored panels are solely responsible for choosing participants using the vetting or assessment protocols of the co-sponsoring association; ACCUTE does, however, ask that all submissions be vetted, and that organizers bear in mind the ACCUTE Vetting Guidelines.  The organizer(s) advise the submitters of the results, and forward the papers (with accompanying materials) to the ACCUTE office. Any submissions not selected for the panel will go into the “general pool” and will be considered for the ACCUTE conference program. Papers accepted to the jointly sponsored panel are not subject to further vetting, but ACCUTE may request expert comment on them. If a jointly sponsored panel is selected for the ACCUTE program, the organizing member is expected to attend the ACCUTE conference to act as Panel Chair; if this is not possible, the co-sponsoring society should assign a Chair.

Please note: Ordinarily, each association is permitted one joint panel at ACCUTE, but two may be permitted if the response warrants.

Submitting to a Joint PanelPersons submitting to one of these panels should send an email submission to the ACCUTE office,, by 15 November. Submitters are required to follow ACCUTE’s proposal guidelines for submissions (as described in the final bullet point, above).

Please note that anyone presenting a paper in a joint panel must be a member of one or both of ACCUTE or the partner organization.  To join ACCUTE, click here.

For more information on joint panels, please click here.  For information on member-organized panels, click here.

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